Spectre Cargo Solutions

    Spectre Cargo Solutions

    Spectre Cargo Solutions together with its NGF Holdings Limited (Ireland)
    Expert freighter team
    – 140+ B737 freighters (as PEMCO & Spectre)
    – 40+ B757 freighters (as HAECO for Precision Conversions & as Spectre)
    – 25+ B747 freighters (as HAECO with The Boeing Company)
    • Led by people known and trusted to deliver
    Strong financial backing from owners and major financial institutions
    • SCS is a turnkey platform to acquire feedstock, convert and lease/sell freighter aircraft
    • SCS has the expertise and relationships to sell Customers’ outgoing Classic freighter aircraft as well as provide engine spares & maintenance solutions
    • Current offerings range from feedstock sales through freighter conversion & lease spanning 737-700 & 737-800, 757-200 and 767-300ER
    Spectre Cargo Solutions expert in freighters and aircraft sales & leasing, with the cargo airline relationships and technical know-how to execute


    Spectre Cargo Solutions is the freighter aircraft focused arm of Spectre Air Capital, a Texas-based aircraft trading and leasing company whose principals have bought, sold and leased.

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